In today’s increasingly eco-conscious world, choosing sustainable home furnishings is important … and well-being. Here are some top options for furnishing your home in an earth-friendly way:


    A fast-growing grass, bamboo is a sustainable alternative to wood. Look for:

    • Flooring, like strand woven or engineered bamboo planks.
    • Furniture like beds, dressers and living room pieces made with bamboo frames.
    • Kitchen items like cutting boards.
    • Window treatments like bamboo shades or blinds.

    Reclaimed Wood

    Wood salvaged from old structures avoids cutting down new trees. Opt for:

    • Furniture made from reclaimed barn wood, beams or fencing.
    • Floors crafted from reclaimed heart pine, oak or other hardwoods.
    • Accent pieces incorporating repurposed wood details.

    FSC Certified Wood

    Wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council comes from responsibly managed forests. Consider:

    • Solid wood furniture, flooring or decking bearing the FSC logo.
    • Cabinetry, trim work or built-ins using certified sustainable wood.

    Organic Materials

    Natural fibers have less environmental impact than synthetic options. Look for:

    • Seating upholstered in organic cotton, wool, linen or hemp.
    • Area rugs made of coir (coconut fiber), sisal or seagrass.
    • Natural latex or plant-based foam for cushions and mattresses.

    Recycled Plastics

    Plastics diverted from landfills are reborn as home goods. Opt for:

    • Outdoor furniture crafted from recycled plastic like polyethylene.
    • Indoor furnishings incorporating recycled plastic in frames or legs.
    • Flooring made with recycled plastic, rubber or tire content.

    When selecting furnishings, prioritizing eco-friendly materials supports sustainability … and brings the feeling of nature indoors. With conscientious choices, your home décor can nurture both style and the planet.