Furniture is a major home investment, both financially and in terms of how you use and … enjoy pieces for years when selecting furnishings that stand the test of time. Focusing on durable, classic styles and quality materials ensures longevity that preserves both form and function through seasons of use.

    Wood Furniture

    Nothing compares to the warmth and richness of wood. Look for:

    • Hardwood solids in oak, walnut, maple or teak that hold up to daily use.
    • Sturdy joinery with mortise and tenon, dovetail or lap joints.
    • All-wood construction avoiding particleboard or veneers prone to damage.
    • Natural wood finishes that highlight the grain rather than painted coats.
    • Well-made details like wooden drawer boxes and hardware.

    Metal Furniture

    Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, metal melds practicality with style. Consider:

    • Aluminum, steel or wrought iron frames ideal for contract-grade use.
    • Powder-coated or baked enamel finishes that protect against wear and tear.
    • Clean, classic designs by mid-century or contemporary masters.

    Leather Furniture

    Buttery-soft yet durable, top-grain leather ages beautifully. Look for:

    • Aniline or semi-aniline leathers with minimal finishes for a luxurious hand.
    • Full grain leather untrimmed around edges to showcase natural markings.
    • Quality construction with reinforced frames built to handle leather’s weight.

    Upholstered Seating

    Durable fabrics stand up to pet claws and kid spills. Opt for:

    • Performance fabrics treated for stain, fade and abrasion resistance.
    • Tightly-woven fabrics like olefin, solution-dyed polyester or vinyl.
    • All-foam cushions less prone to sagging than loose-fill options.
    • Sinuous spring suspension for long-lasting cushion support.
    • Reinforced webbing and durable zippered covers for easy cleaning.

    With an eye towards time-tested materials and craftsmanship, … investment furniture becomes a décor mainstay bringing beauty for decades to come. Let quality define the pieces that stand as stylish anchors in your home.