Bringing the beauty and life of greenery indoors provides visual interest, natural ambiance and wellness benefits. Thoughtfully incorporating plants throughout your home décor can elevate the style and function of any space. Here are some ideas for nurturing nature within your interior design:

    Foliage Focal Points

    Make a statement with large, lush plants as statement pieces. Look for:

    • Dramatic palms, ferns or monsteras as sculptural centerpieces.
    • Tall bamboo, dracaena or ficus trees flanking fireplaces or staircases.
    • Low-maintenance succulents or air plants in sculptural pots.
    • Tropicals like bird of paradise, anthurium or philodendron for bold color.
    • Low-light options like pothos, snake plant or ZZ plant for low-light nooks.

    Plant Walls & Shelves

    Green walls and plant-filled shelving bring nature indoors in a big way. Try:

    • DIY felt walls planted with succulents, air plants or hydroponic gardens.
    • Rattan or wood shelves clustered with potted foliage like peace lilies or English ivy.
    • Living picture ledges and floating shelves displaying small potted greenery.
    • Vertical gardens on walls using poles, trellises or hanging planters.

    Tabletop Greenery

    Plants on surfaces add ambient beauty to dining and living areas. Consider:

    • Centerpiece arrangements or terrariums featuring air plants, moss or succulents.
    • Potted herbs on kitchen windowsills and countertops like basil, rosemary or thyme.
    • Desktop succulents, ferns or air plants in decorative pots for home offices.
    • Folded tray displays holding potted flowers, foliage or orchids.

    Plant Nooks & Corners

    Maximize space by incorporating plants into unused areas. Try:

    • Filling awkward corners with snake plants, pothos or spider plants in macrame hangers.
    • Draping English ivy, pothos or philodendron from bookshelves, mantels and ledges.
    • Clustering potted plants on stair landing shelves, behind sofas or under side tables.
    • Hanging baskets or wall planters in entryways and powder rooms.

    The Right Plants for Every Space

    Consider light levels, moisture and care needs when choosing plants. Low-light tolerant options work well in most rooms. Bathrooms suit succulents, ferns or peace lilies. Kitchens call for herbs. High-light areas welcome pathos, monsteras or palms. Research plant care and rotate to give all greenery a turn in the spotlight.

    Caring for your indoor plants provides a daily dose of nature while their natural beauty elevates interior spaces. With some thoughtful placement, you can nurture lush greenery indoors that enhances your home’s style and well-being for years to come.