While neutral furniture is a safe choice, incorporating statement pieces with … personality and visual interest can take a room to the next level. Unique statement furniture draws the eye and tells your personal style story. Consider these creative options to make a bold design impact:

    Eclectic Sofas

    Unconventional sofa shapes like curved or angular silhouettes command attention. Look for:

    • Round or curved sectionals that flow organically.
    • Sharp angular styles like triangular or trapezoid shapes for edge.
    • Boldly printed or patterned upholstery in floral, geometric or abstract motifs.
    • Mismatched armchair styles grouped together for a curated look.

    Statement Chairs

    Individual statement chairs are a focal point. Consider:

    • Mid-century modern styles in vibrant colors or metallic finishes.
    • Oversize armchairs or poufs for lounging.
    • Sculptural shapes like circular or oval ottomans.
    • Ergonomic styles that encourage you to sit differently.
    • Vintage finds reupholstered in luxurious fabrics.

    Eclectic Tables

    Side and coffee tables with character define spaces. Look for:

    • Marble, wood or metal surfaces in organic shapes.
    • Sculptural x-base designs in brass or steel.
    • Reclaimed wood styles with natural edges.
    • Nested or tiered tables that maximize space.
    • Transparent or smoked glass tops for a modern feel.

    Unique Storage

    Furniture with function adds style. Consider:

    • Mid-century credenzas or buffets with sculptural legs.
    • Armoires, trunks or cabinets repurposed as sideboards.
    • Shelving in wood, metal or rattan in linear or grid styles.
    • Murphys beds or daybeds that stow away.
    • Furniture with integrated nooks, cubbies or drawers.

    Bold Bedroom Sets

    A statement bed is the hero piece. Look for:

    • Canopied or four poster beds with drapery.
    • Platform or loft styles that elevate the sleeping area.
    • Beds with sculptural headboards or unique footboards.
    • Upholstered beds or headboards in sumptuous fabrics.
    • Beds paired with matching nightstands or dressers.

    Statement furniture makes a room memorable. Look for unique silhouettes, materials and custom details to incorporate standout pieces that reflect your individuality. Balance boldness with neutral staples for cohesion.