Decorative decals are a fun and affordable way to add personality and style to your furniture. From classic designs to trendy patterns, decals let you customize pieces to match your unique sense of style. In this article, we’ll explore the many uses of decals on furniture and how they can transform a room.

    What Are Decorative Decals?

    Decals are adhesive vinyl stickers or transfers that can be applied to smooth surfaces like wood, glass, metal, and plastic. They come in a wide variety of designs, from simple solid colors to intricate patterns, images, and text. Decorative decals are cut into shapes, words, or illustrations so they can be precisely placed on furniture to create a customized look.

    Unlike paint or wallpaper, decals are removable and won’t damage the original surface. This makes them a low-commitment option for renters or those who want an easy design change. They’re also weatherproof, scratch-resistant, and last for years with proper care.

    Applying Decals to Furniture

    Applying decals to furniture is simple and requires no special tools or skills. Just peel the decal’s backing, position it where you want, then use your fingers or a squeegee to smooth it down and remove any air bubbles.

    • Clean and dry the surface first to ensure best adhesion.
    • Use a level or ruler as a guide for straight edges.
    • Cut or trim decals with scissors as needed for curves or corners.
    • Reapply if you make a mistake – decals are very forgiving.

    For textured surfaces, use a heat gun or hair dryer on low to activate the adhesive as you smooth. Allow at least 24 hours to fully bond before use. Regular care like dusting will keep decals looking their best.

    Decorating Furniture with Decals

    Now that you know how easy decals are to apply, here are some fun ideas for decorating furniture:

    Cabinets and Drawers

    Add labels, patterns or images to plain cabinets and drawers to give them personality. Kids will love decorative decals in their rooms too. Try fruit, animals or letters on toy storage.


    Cover bookshelves in a faux wood grain, marble or geometric print to update a plain piece. Or use decals to section off different book genres.

    Entertainment Centers

    Dress up TV stands and media consoles with cool graphics, quotes or decorative trim. Decals look great framing televisions too.

    Office Furniture

    Customize desks, file cabinets and storage with motivational words, fun patterns or organizational labels to boost productivity.

    Kids’ Furniture

    Let kids add their favorite characters, colors or designs to beds, dressers and toy boxes. Decals encourage creativity and self-expression.

    Decals for Wood Furniture

    Wood furniture is a perfect canvas for decorative decals. Try these ideas:

    • Add trim or faux finishes like marble, granite or wood grain for visual interest.
    • Cover plain surfaces with an all-over pattern for a coordinated look.
    • Frame furniture pieces with a border decal.
    • Accent drawers, doors or tabletops with geometric or floral shapes.
    • Customize with monograms, names or inspirational words.

    Decals let you update dated wood pieces or complete mismatched sets. Try layering different textures for depth.

    Decorating with Metal and Glass Decals

    Shiny surfaces like metal and glass showcase decals beautifully too:

    • Dress up chrome appliances or fixtures with stripes, dots or geometric motifs.
    • Add decorative handles, knobs or pulls to drawers and cabinets.
    • Frame glass tabletops, shelves or doors with a strip of decals.
    • Customize mirrors with sayings, shapes or dimensional designs.
    • Dress up metal file cabinets, lockers or storage with fun graphics.

    The high-gloss finish of metal and glass makes decals really pop. Experiment with foil or holographic materials too.

    Decorating with Wall Decals

    While wall decals are removable vinyl stickers designed for walls, many can also be used on furniture like headboards, nightstands, and armoires. Try these wall decal ideas:

    • Add dimensional florals, leaves or vines for visual interest.
    • Frame furniture with an architectural trim decal.
    • Customize with words, initials or monograms.
    • Accent with decorative shapes, icons or illustrations.
    • Try peel-and-stick wallpaper samples for large surfaces.

    Wall decals elevate furniture pieces and tie a room’s style together seamlessly.

    Final Thoughts on Decorative Furniture Decals

    As you can see, decorative decals offer endless possibilities for customizing and dressing up furniture in any room. Their versatility and ease of application make them a budget-friendly and low-commitment way to experiment with new looks. Have fun expressing your personal style through decals – you’re only limited by your imagination!